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3 definitions by kissy

somebody who spends at least 75% of their money on pot, and have smoked so much, that they can't remember what day it is anymore. usually, a pothead doesn't do much but sit around with friends and blaze.. very rarely are they sober...
damn, those guys are such potheads! they're always fucked up
by kissy January 10, 2004
A 170cm++ beast, who is bald & likes to wax his legs. And will also remain single for the rest of his life, at this freaking rate. Cac.
Kissy: Stop being a jameshong!!!
James: I can't help it. My ass stings.

by Kissy January 30, 2005
The Essence of Womanhood
What would a woman be without the poonani
by kissy April 29, 2003