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A known friend of the hostile vagina. This rare breed is overly forgiving of the erectile dysfunctionate. Stimulation is not required, but a medical degree is.
Edgar Ditmer (aka E.D.) was forgiven many times over by the clairtoris for his inability to maintain erection, because he had attended and completed medical school 40 years prior.
by kirkddsmd March 01, 2009
A thunderous clap of racket created when a hostile vagina is fractured free. This is not to be confused with the yelp of finding out you have the clap.
The house rattled from the thunder bags when our friend, Crusty, took down our cougarita friend.
by kirkddsmd March 01, 2009
A rippling hot tub poaching away at the leathery regions of a cougars hostile vagina. Spices and herbs are not necessary, but marijuana, vicodin, and chardonnay are key to success.
E.D. had to drain the pussy poacher in his backyard after Eliza spilt her chardonnay and overcooked her hostile vagina, declaring, "that was a bad drug."
by kirkddsmd March 01, 2009
Required when a hostile vagina cannot be entered until cobwebs can be cleared via enamatic processes. Caution is required for dangerous fungating spores.
Bunker boy took his girl, t-bag, to the doctor for her stanky McEnema after he could not tolerate the hostile fumes penetrating the sheets.
by kirkddsmd March 01, 2009
Noun: It is a GINA that prefers the service industry. It has been known to swell, pucker, and swallow the service industry provider.
While on her way to Whistler, the hostile vagina puckered and swallowed in whole the defenseless limo driver of Elegante Limos.
by kirkddsmd March 01, 2009

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