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A bar of the type in the cities of Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand where a man can pay at the door, find himself a stool and get get a mean bareback blowjob with a swallow for anywhere from the equivalent of $10-$25 USDs. Bottled beer is usually offered and BJ is performed out in the open amongst other customers in most cases, semi-privately in a corner or booth in others.
I'm going to go down to one of those blow job bars in Patpong and whitewashing the tonsils of one of those hardworking girls!
by kirk devonshire May 13, 2008
Getting some vicious head.
She said she was on the rag so before you know it, I had her head in my lap and was ballin her chops like there was no tomorrow.
by kirk devonshire May 13, 2008
The practice of going to a Bangkok, Thailand "blow job bar" at lunchtime and dropping your hard earned baht on a beer and BJ rather than on an actual lunch.
All the curry and Mekong whisky last night didn't set right with me. I think I'm going to beg off a proper lunch and go down to Cowboy and get me a Bangkok Slimmer boys!
by kirk devonshire May 13, 2008

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