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cool smiley, well used all over the world..
<kippe> mmm, this pizza taste good..
<juicen> :r~~
by kippe January 01, 2004
comics about a whiteninja.
<kippe> woooa! guys have you seen the latest whiteninja?
<inso> omg no! I must see it now!
<kippe> check it out! www.whiteninjacomics.com
<juicen> 'giggle giggle' I just love whiteninja
by kippe January 15, 2004
irrelevant guy spending all his time on eating 'junglevrål' without offering his friend any!
<kippe> nice, junglevrål! can I taste?
<inso> no, these junglevrål are too important to be eaten.
<kippe> oh, okay.

1 hour later..

<kippe> what the' !? were are all the junglevrål?
<inso> fanbahaag! >:D I ate them, and alot of my important friends had some too!
<kippe> *sigh* :(
by kippe January 15, 2004
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