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4 definitions by kipp

used to express extreme emotions
ah i smashed my BEEFO finger
by kipp June 10, 2003
4 2
very small clothing usually shirts
kipp be wearin some shmeedium tees
by kipp June 10, 2003
3 2
big cheeky butt. Derived from Thunder Butt. Can also be referred as Thunder Cheeks. bubble butt booty big butt
Wow, mon check out that thuder chunk at 5'oclock.
by Kipp December 15, 2004
3 7
when a female (well, whatever you want) gives a blowjob while lying on her back with her palms flat above her shoulders, raising her body up just like in the exorcist.
oh. my. god. she just gave me the best exorcist ever. i came so hard i think i had a miscarriage.
by Kipp March 12, 2005
16 67