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3 definitions by kinzieroo

a sexy girl who will date a wonderful guy. she is loved buy everyone and loves everyone. she loves kids and will have kids someday.
julia- wow i wish i was a mckinzie
megan- i know me to.
by kinzieroo August 22, 2009
A wonderful 10 year old girl. who has blondish brownish hair. She is a only child. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. she is in 5th grade. she will marry a wonderful man and someday have wonderful children of her own.
McKinzie- i want to be a lacey
Lacey- i already am.
by kinzieroo August 23, 2009
a guy who has dated some b****s but found the perfect one megan. he is a wonderful guy and loves kids. he will grow up to have a wonderful life and has a awesome reputation.
megan- man he is such a travis

mckinzie- i know.
by kinzieroo August 22, 2009