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not this, often used when pointing at something
Can i have that? No, not this, that.
by King of yesterday July 29, 2006
A miniseries telling the tale of Easy Company, 501st Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. The story centers are Major (at first Captain) Dick Winters and his struggle to keep his men alive while still getting the job done. Once the war in Europe is over, it touches on the effort to keep the peace.
Band Of Brothers makes all other WW2 movies look like a 5 dollar B-movie
by King Of Yesterday July 20, 2006
Someone who does not eat meat. Period. They are not wimps for not wanting to, they are not better then the general public that enjoys some 'fast food'.
Person A: Im a vegetarian.
Person B: I'm not.
Person C: haha, vegetarian, you must be gay.
(person's A and B beat the crap out of person C)
by King of yesterday July 29, 2006
A show on the same premise as That 70's Show, except everyone saw it as the ripoff that it was and died after 1 or 2 episodes.
Never speak of That 80s Show. Erase this page. Tell your children.
by King Of Yesterday October 17, 2006
In a recent survey taken in 66 countries and 20 languages, We Are The Champions was officially elected to be the number one song of ALL TIME.
We are the champions is the greatest song ever, and democracy preoved it
by King Of Yesterday September 28, 2006
One who is addicted to workahol
-Have you seen Jimmy?
-The Workaholic
~Nah, he's passed out from a weekend long binge of workahol
by King Of Yesterday November 29, 2006
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