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A person, usually male aged 13-35, who practices inferior self-taught fighting, killing, or stealth techniques in the basement of his/her parents' home or in a basement apartment. Typical hobbies include collection of decorative 'ninja' weapons for the purposes of practice and display. Typical behaviours include exhibition of martial arts proficiency, provision of stealth tips, and demonstration of human pressure points.
"Anybody who carries nunchucks to a 7-11 is a basement ninja."
by King Byron July 25, 2008
Given false information which leads to the loss of assets. See also, 'conned'.
"I gave that guy $400, because he said he was going to go get my new laptop from his car, but he just ran off with my money. I got scammed!"
by King Byron July 25, 2008
The name of a great philosopher and teacher who claimed to be a prophet of God. Jesus Christ taught love, tolerance, balance, and justice.

Now his name has become an excuse for twisted religious fanatics to judge others without warrant, to justify intolerance, create chaos, and diminish the level of kindness in the world.
"Jesus Christ offered humankind the formula for a way of living conducive to happiness. Too bad clergy and fanatics fucked it up for everybody, in order to advance their own positions in the world."
by King Byron July 25, 2008
An insult meaning that a person metaphorically has his/her fingers covered in shit. A synonym for 'shit disturber'.
"Way to go shitfingers! Things were running smooth until you started asking too many questions!"
by King Byron July 25, 2008
An act which typifies the behaviour of an asshat.
"What an asshat! Did you see the asshatious way he just dismissed what she said?"
by King Byron July 25, 2008
1. Exclamation used to indicate disgust in one's excessively lazy lifestyle.

2. Adjective used to describe a person who is habitually excessive, particularly in relation to food and drink, but also in relation to drugs, lethargy, and general sloth.
"Don't get to close to Vincent's flabnasty mom. She'll chew your arm off! Flabnasty!"
by King Byron July 25, 2008
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