11 definitions by kimmy

kimmy's hairy legs!!! yes thanks to kim's lovely family and friends she got that nickname
wow hairy cactus, I really want some cheese!!!
by Kimmy July 19, 2004
Fantastick, to a higher degree; better than average; great with more emphasis.
I had a fantabulous day, because that hot guy asked me out!
by Kimmy November 13, 2003
1.a guy named mikey. 2.somebody who is worth a cacking or cack-down. 3. person who makes you juice your chonies.
"Daaaaaamn aye... that vato was pretty cack-a-licious, que no Sad Girl?"
by kimmy April 11, 2005
an very very ugly person and will never be pretty in there life!
an very ugly person someone that has had plastic sergery and is still ugly
by kimmy March 12, 2005

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