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my baby! da best damn rapper up in herre!
"Hey did you see dat sexy piece-a ass walk by?"
"Hell yeah MOFO dats DMX biatch"
by Kimmy June 09, 2003
A drink made of lime, water, and sugar.
Screw lemonade! The world needs more limenade!
by kimmy November 05, 2004
is someone who is over happy
your sister has when the lottery and she is getting all happs.
by kimmy March 12, 2005
1. To be fantastic, but on a great level with dreams of marshmallows and gumdrops. 2. Renee's word.
Ice cream is orgasmically FANTAMASTIC!!
by kimmy January 24, 2005
In another terms, "Good Luck." or "Break a leg."
"Chill out, pop a knee." -Jesse McCartney
by kimmy January 05, 2005
a type of pheetle position used when a person, particulary a man, is scared out of their mind when the person their about to do confesses they are either a Bisexual, or the girl has a penis , or the guy has a virgina
Man, once she pulled that talliwacker out i went into the Lamani to avoid rape.
by Kimmy January 15, 2003
kimmy's hairy legs!!! yes thanks to kim's lovely family and friends she got that nickname
wow hairy cactus, I really want some cheese!!!
by Kimmy July 19, 2004

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