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The masturbation used right before having sex. Used to ensure that a cock-slap does not occur. As made famous by The Inbetweeners.
Simon: What if I can't get it up?
Jay: Nah, don't worry, nip off and have a tactical wank now
by kiillrz December 15, 2011
A text sent that is part of a conversation that is unwanted; a conversation stopping text.
Linda: How are you? Wanna go out tonight?
Joe: I'm good.


Mark; Dude, aren't you going out with Linda?
Joe: Nah, I sent her a Non-progressive text.
by kiillrz August 23, 2011
A prank where the unsuspecting victim is shown a photo of an object they are holding/eating being defaced. Comes fron How I Met Your Mother
Person 1: OMFG you did what to my sandwich?!
Person 2: Dude its a stinson photo prank
by Kiillrz July 11, 2012

The act of leaving the last three crisps, the last doughnut, the last five mililitres of beer, simply to avoid putting the packet in the bin
Joe: Aww man these crisps have green mold on them!
Tom: Yeah I know dude, you've been empty packet squatting for like 2 weeks!
by kiillrz October 14, 2011
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