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3 definitions by kierstenvelope

A device used for presenting specific projects in a class which requires very little work and just copy-and-pasted Wikipedia information.
That douchebag just made a powerpoint on Saturn because he has no brain.
by kierstenvelope September 03, 2008
is used at the end of specific sentences.
Girl #1: Kiersten has run away to Mexico.
Girl #2: Which is a hot place !

Girl #1: GO TO HELL !
Girl #2: ...Which is a hot place !
by kierstenvelope September 02, 2008
Is used when someone wants someone else to get excited about something and has absolutely nothing to do with one's genitals.
Girl #1: Yay! We're seeing Fall Out Boy.
Girl #2: But they're awful !
Girl #1: Get your excitedness out !
by kierstenvelope September 02, 2008