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Graduate or current student of Saint Ignatius High School who is predisposed to help out everyone at any time of day, even if it is to their inconvenience.

(Often, this term is used in a way as to take advantage of said student or graduate.)
"Hey, can I borrow a couple dollars?"


"Come on man, be a Man For Others."
by kidnutrageous June 02, 2006
(pronounced skoch)

The area between the bottom of the scrotum and the crotch of the pants. Often measured in skochs. Not applicable with emo kids, since their pants are so tight that there testicles are actually crushed by them.
"Hey man, those are some baggy pants...your skotch must be huge!"
by kidnutrageous June 02, 2006
A prank move pulled by two conspirators in a men's restroom that does not have barriers between the urinals. Ignoring proper urinal etiquette, the two prankers come up on either side of a lone pisser and angle 45 degrees so as to piss into the same urinal as the man being pranked. Usually complemented with a conversation across the middle man.
Hey, this is a perfect time to flank him, let's go.
by kidnutrageous June 02, 2006
Horrible, horrible reality show that was created by the same satan that created American Idol, however, contestants dance rather than sing.
"Let's watch 'So You Think You Can Dance"!

"Better idea, let's shoot ourselves in the face."
by kidnutrageous June 02, 2006
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