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5 definitions by khiddy

Actually, it's "chastity belt". Otherwise the given definition stands.
My mother had a chastity belt. My father busted that thing wide open.
by khiddy June 05, 2005
58 19
The real deal; a piece that is widely recognized as a genuine member of the body of work (oeuvre) of a given artist/writer/composer; a standard by which all others are compared.
I just finished reading the "canonical list of auto plurals" on
by khiddy June 02, 2004
45 16
The state of acting extremely bitchy. Usually used to describe a person who is habitually bitchy, and is currently exhibiting a particularly bad case of his/her unpleasant attitude.
Don't mess with her. She's got a bad case of the bitchitis this afternoon.
by khiddy June 05, 2005
11 4
An adult beverage popular in Portland, OR. Made by adding a shot of lemon-flavored vodka to a pint of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, then adding a few green olives on a toothpick, or as an alternative, adding a few vermouth-soaked green olives to a PBR will get the job done as well.
Dude, we're gonna get crunk on some Pabstini's tonite!
by khiddy June 05, 2004
8 2
To sing or speak faster or slower than others, when speaking or singing in a group. Particularly noticable in church.
Would you stop plamming and sing with the rest of us?
by khiddy March 30, 2005
2 4