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4 definitions by kevin barry

when jizz/semen is "spilt" on the floor
oh man i gotta go and hurry up i left a huge love puddle downstairs lastnight
by kevin barry May 03, 2006
a man who can produce the largest amount of jizz (sperm) in his area/town
"dude after last nite i gota be crowned dr jizz"
by kevin barry April 12, 2006
its the sticky stuff that comes out of a penis, always seems to happen when its having a good time.
the lil guy got a bit to excited last night, now im left to clean up the willy schubble.
by kevin barry June 28, 2006
once again another word for that stuff all men love to think women love.
honey your looking gorgeous tonite when we get home im goning to fuck wee all over you.
by kevin barry June 28, 2006