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1. a random manner of annoyance to a group of people during normal socializing; attempt in getting attention; trying to be cool.
2. a greeting that is meant as hello when calling someone.
person 1: yo dude did you hear wh...
person 2: mold bitch!
person 1: dude shut the fuck up! ur fuckin annoying!

person 1: (dialing friends' number) mold!
person 2: umm... hey dude
by kev-dawg October 26, 2003
An acknowledgment at parting, or leaving; good bye, see you later.
person 1: yo dawg, wassup?
person 2: nuttin much dude!
person 1: howz yo bitch doin?
person 2: she aight!
person 1: yo i gotta bounce homie
person 2: aight man, peace out!
person 1: iight bottle!
by kev-dawg October 24, 2003
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