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a deceivingly hot girl who is underage and not available for sex. if you tried to have sex with her it would send you to jail.
guy 1-"Damn man look at that girl, shes fucking mad hot."
guy 2-"Dude dont think about it, shes jail bate."
by Kev Nice March 10, 2006
The "V" on a males body right above the groin.
I love guys with the V cut, its so sexy.
by Kev Nice March 11, 2006
another way to say cigarette
Can I bum a ciggs from you?
by Kev Nice March 10, 2006
Used like dude. It is a safe alternitive to nigga that white boys can use. usualy said in a deep throaty manner.
I can't wait to see you later niggs!
by Kev Nice March 10, 2006
a sexual act in which the hand and/or fingers are used, usualy on the lower regions of a male or female.
i really enjoy my partners digital stimulation, especialy on my balls.
by Kev Nice March 12, 2006
another way to say joint
Yo dude, light up that jay banger.
by Kev Nice March 10, 2006
a slang way to refer to a mans penis.
dude, check your shorts. i definitly just saw your wobbly warhead.
by Kev Nice April 11, 2006

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