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bare back blow job deep throat cum in mouth

"She gave BBBJDTCIM, that made it well worth the money."
by kermit4 November 09, 2007
A girl around 2 or more points lower than you on hotornot.com
It's been a while, I could use a practice girl. I have a half match on HoN and some Viagra, she'll do.
by kermit4 September 05, 2008
Girl With A Boyfriend.

Something very dangerous you should stay away from.
So I met this girl, she was great, we talked for a while, then I found out she was a GWAB and now I don't know what to do since she wants to be "friends" or something and I can't tell if she's looking to get rid of the current BF or what.
by kermit4 July 13, 2009

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