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The secret of the universe: The Universe is intrinsically dystopic.
During a workshop on "Murphy's Law", the shit hit the fan.
by Kerb November 29, 2004
1. A hippy who have converted to fundamentalist christianity.

2. A square christian who adopt hippy trappings such as 1960's and 1970's clothing, long hair, and says "Jesus is groovy".

A most uncool subculture.
Kevin entered a tent show while on acid and came became out a Jesus freak.
by Kerb November 28, 2004
A con trick, which begins with a jailbait.

For the purpose of this definition the jailbait is named Jane. This is a generic name for the purpose of this definition. No offence is intended towards any real life Janes who may be adult, consenting, law-abiding, honest, and clean living.

Jane is sunbathing alone on a beach, wearing only a skimpy bikini. Soon a single man called Mark, approaches and lies down next to her.

Jane smiles. Mark smiles back.

A conversation follows. First small talk about the sunny weather, but goes onto pop music, fashion, and skateboarding.

Who is grooming whom? We shall soon see!

They progresses to holding hands.

"It's too hot out", says Jane, "Lets go to my place!" - or maybe they go for a meal at McDonalds on the way. Mark pays of course.

At her place, it is empty. They go upstairs and begin to fumble.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opens, and Jane's mother comes in, slaps her in the face, and starts screaming at Jane. Mark's todger droops immediately, and any sexual feelings immediately evapourates.

The Jane's father comes in, a big hard man with tattoos all over him, sees Mark, and shakes him down for all he's worth.

"Now get out of there before I call the police!"

Mark beats a hasty retreat!

When Mark have disappeared down the road, the three laugh together and say, "$200! What a haul!"
Mark was a victim of the Badger Game.
by Kerb November 30, 2004
An island equidistant between Christmas Island and Easter Island, 123.0W 12.5S.
It was discovered by the Monty Python team.
Coconut Airways run flights from London Hetahrow to August Bank Holiday Island.
by Kerb November 29, 2004
Festival that is free to enter, esp. rock festival, such as Glastonbury used to be.

Such festivals attract people who have no access to money and cant be arsed to work for a living, and therefore will spongue off other festival goers who have brought food and alcohol.

Such drongoes are also rough and violent, and prone to fighting and raping and stealing, and generally tarnishing the whole cooperative and sharing ethos of having a free festival in the first place.
My fanily went to this free festival and a gang of drongoes moved into our tent. Never again!
by Kerb November 30, 2004
Noun: A punk hairstyle, of shaven head except for a strip of hair along the centre of the head from the forehead to the back of the neck.

The strip of hair may be dyed into bright colours, styled into spikes using glue, or into an enormous brush like vertical quiff.
I went into a barber and asked for a mohigan.
by Kerb November 28, 2004
What surfers with learning difficulties call their computer.
My puter is very clever.
by Kerb November 30, 2004

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