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A combination of FEAR and FASCINATION. Fascinated horror...you're intrigued, yet terrified, and you can't look away.
Susi: "I can't believe you like Honey Boo Boo!"
Me: "I don't like her -- I'm fearscinated by her."

"I find Jessica Simpson's Weight Watchers journey fearscinating!"
by kellybex January 02, 2013
You've just replied to yourself on Twitter...that's Tweetsturbating! (tweet/masturbation). Similar to writing on your own Wall on Facebook. It's a faux pas. It just isn't done.
Oh no, the Boss is on Twitter. How long til he tweetsturbates?

So embarrassed! Was so into tweeting w/my honey and accidentally tweetsturbated!
by kellybex January 20, 2011
New friend of one of your maybe gaybe buddy.
"Did Joe bring a date?" "Nah, he was with one of his Mysterious Male Friends."

"Dude, ran into your buddy Steve. Wearing guyliner. With a Mysterious Male Friend."
by kellybex July 20, 2009
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