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2 definitions by keestermaster

1. Something you have hidden up your ass. Most of the time when your hiding it from authority. After you keestered something, whats in your ass is your ass stash
Example: Prisoner #1-You still got that ass stash?

Prisoner #2-Yeah, I keestered that shit. We got some weed for later.
by keestermaster February 09, 2010
1. To stick something up your to hide it. (Especially in a hurry)

2. When you have to much of something, its a suggestion to get rid of it
1. Prisoner #1-Hide that shit fast!

Prisoner #2-Nigga how?

Prisoner #1-Just keester it!

Prisoner #2-...Fuck

2. Person #1-Damn, we got to much _______ (fill in the blank with anything you want)

Person #2- Just keester it bitch
by keestermaster February 09, 2010