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6 definitions by kcar

-A negative response spoken by Twi'leks in KotOR. If said quickly it simply means "no", but if drawn out it is a denial of a statement or accusation. Fanboys of KotOR use it in everyday speech.

Example #1 (No)
Alan: "Is KotOR II:TSL better than the first KotOR?"

William: "Kapuna, the first one is better."

Example #2 (Denial)
Alan: "Hey man you stole my juice!!"

William: "Kaaaaapuuna! I did no such thing!"
by kcar January 18, 2009
A greeting or affirmative response spoken by Twi'leks in KotOR. Used by fanboys in everyday speech.
William: "Have you defeated Darth Malek yet?"

Alan: "Achuta, he died by my hand."
by kcar January 18, 2009
The language of Twi'leks, a race from the Star Wars universe recognizable by their head-tails. Twi'leki "combines both verbal components with subtle head-tail movements. When (Twi'leks) wish, they can even communicate in complete secrecy using their versatile head-tails."-wiki
"Kapuna" and "Achuta" are two common Twi'leki words spoken by Twi'leks in the videogame KotOR.
by kcar January 19, 2009
A nice way to imply defecation when in mixed company.
Gentleman #1: Ugh, excuse me, i've got to go!

*runs off*

Lady: What's the matter with him?

Gentleman #2: Madame, it sounds as though Mr. Scat wants freedom.
by kcar February 09, 2008
A response to a question telling the asker to check Wikipedia for the answer.

William: "How are babies made?"

Alan: "idk dude, check the wiki."
by kcar February 23, 2009
-To amplify sound volume

-To augment the size of something.
Alan: "Volumize the tv dude, i can barely hear the screams of the palace guards."

William: "Bitch, do it yourself!"
by kcar January 19, 2009