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A greeting or affirmative response spoken by Twi'leks in KotOR. Used by fanboys in everyday speech.
William: "Have you defeated Darth Malek yet?"

Alan: "Achuta, he died by my hand."
#star wars #kapuna #twi'lek #kotor #darth malek
by kcar January 18, 2009
-A negative response spoken by Twi'leks in KotOR. If said quickly it simply means "no", but if drawn out it is a denial of a statement or accusation. Fanboys of KotOR use it in everyday speech.

Example #1 (No)
Alan: "Is KotOR II:TSL better than the first KotOR?"

William: "Kapuna, the first one is better."

Example #2 (Denial)
Alan: "Hey man you stole my juice!!"

William: "Kaaaaapuuna! I did no such thing!"
#kotor #twi'lek #twi'leki #kotor ll: tsl #star wars
by kcar January 18, 2009
The language of Twi'leks, a race from the Star Wars universe recognizable by their head-tails. Twi'leki "combines both verbal components with subtle head-tail movements. When (Twi'leks) wish, they can even communicate in complete secrecy using their versatile head-tails."-wiki
"Kapuna" and "Achuta" are two common Twi'leki words spoken by Twi'leks in the videogame KotOR.
#twi'leki #star wars #kotor #kapuna #achuta
by kcar January 19, 2009
A nice way to imply defecation when in mixed company.
Gentleman #1: Ugh, excuse me, i've got to go!

*runs off*

Lady: What's the matter with him?

Gentleman #2: Madame, it sounds as though Mr. Scat wants freedom.
#mr scat #scat #drop a duece #crap #shit
by kcar February 09, 2008
A response to a question telling the asker to check Wikipedia for the answer.

William: "How are babies made?"

Alan: "idk dude, check the wiki."
#wiki #wikipedia #question #answer #babies
by kcar February 23, 2009
-To amplify sound volume

-To augment the size of something.
Alan: "Volumize the tv dude, i can barely hear the screams of the palace guards."

William: "Bitch, do it yourself!"
#volume #tv #amplify #augment #volumization
by kcar January 19, 2009
An intense, vibrant energy in the gym that causes one to go harder and lift heavier
I felt the presence of the swoltergeist come over me and cranked out another three reps.

We both beat our max weight by ten pounds...the swoltergeist is with us this day.

jacked yolked swole pumped gains
#beast infection #swolemate #muscle monster #bonesaw #yolked
by KCar August 09, 2015
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