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word used by some when one is confuddled and/or cannot be arsed to say anything else
(mr stone)"katie? do you want to stay in my set next year?"
(me)"no thanx"
(mr stone)"well thats what i thought...?"
by kavanagh May 05, 2006
literally means pausing, then removing your tongue from a mushroom. why do people think thats so rude? also "sos please lick my mushroom" is NOT rude. it also literally means take a mushroom (the fungi type) and lick it. simple rele.
see yeebs

mmm: haha mr stone is such a mushroom licker!

some randomer: hey that sounds so sick and wrong!

mmm: no it doesnt. he literally licks mushrooms (nath and julies mushrooms we think tho)

please note we have to add a pauses and removes tongue off mushroom. woot.
by kavanagh July 27, 2006

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