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a shy creature who can easily get caught up in her shell. She will realize this quickly and have to emerge immediately in order to not seem like a complete and total recluse. she is very intelligent and down to earth just does not know how to express herself at times in our superficial world. she doesn't fret about the little things like the cleaning of her bedroom but definitely cares about the meaningful, big things such as the welfare of a good friend. Although, she can be at times timid and tame, she is a good person to have during a time of great indecision: she always has the right answer. Find an Aliya and keep her secretly hidden as your good luck charm.
Kevin: " Oh look at that wise fortune teller!"

Tom: " her name is probably Aliya."
#hermit #wise #yoko ono #tlc #hibernation
by katttycuz June 19, 2010
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