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The future president of the United States who will take office once G dubbs is assassinated.
-A crazed lunatic who will corrupt and destroy the world, and has secretly injected all americans with crabs through syringes and stranded 2 Pac in Antarctica because he knew about Dick Cheney's plan to take over the world.
Danny you better migrate to Antarctica fast, because Dick Cheney is president and you gotta save 2 pac.
by kate is bait November 30, 2004
an individual who is picked on or taken advantage of for having non functional legs or not posessing legs whatsoever.
Dick Cheney was playing foosball with Maya Angelo last week when all of a sudden Cheney's legs fell off and Maya Angelo ran off with his legs.
by Kate is bait November 20, 2004
1. The predominant attractive feature that (when large and appealing) allows women to get large advantages in everyday life.

2. The nickname of Matt Russell.
1. Wow you have huge tits, would you like to be my secretary?

2. Yo Tits your a p-i-m-p.
by kate is bait November 30, 2004
the act of a person appearing out of nowhere at any given moment, precisely to scare Dan Farnand.
Last week a guy popped out of nowhere and Dan screamed, "ahh it's Dick Cheney."
by Kate is bait November 20, 2004
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