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1- mexican slang for penis, dick.

2- it is also used for cursing like "vete a la verga" would be something like "go fuck yoursef".

3- it also can be used to descrive something very chingon. Most of the times when you want to descrive something real bad-ass using this word you add an s at the end of the word making it sound plural.

1- look at my verga its fucking big!!

2- what the verga?!

3- that song is fucking vergas man!
by KatChamber August 26, 2007
mexican slang.
it is used for cursing like "pinchi rasista" would be something like "fucking racist"
it comes from the word pinche, an adjective. Thats how someone that has the lower position within a company is called. the word pinche can be used for cursing also.
1- Robin: DUde what happened with the girl that you used to go out with?!
Kevin: dont you ever dare to remind me that pinchi slut again!!
2- What the verga do you dink youre doing with that pinche cucumber?!?!!!!!?
by KatChamber August 27, 2007
a culture, a way of life, think for yourself.
Patric: "uhh, what should i do to be a punk?"
SickBoy: "you can start by having a mind of your own"
Patric: "they dont say that on Mtv"
SickBoy: "youre such a loser"
by KatChamber August 05, 2007
somebody that cares too much about sex on a relationship that theyre far from falling in love.
Cain: "i love you babe!"
Cainlana: "so you wanna fuck?"
Cain: "again?"
Cainlana: "if you love me youll fuck me!!"
Cain: "do you love me?"
Cainlana: "no, im too sexual for love"
by KatChamber August 19, 2007
something that tends to produce acne or make it worst.
dont!, that soap is comedogenic!!!
by KatChamber August 27, 2007
1- mexican slang for saying somehtings way too easy.

2- what happens to penises after fucking except for sircumsised penises.

you can also use it as Pelaste(past), Pelas(present), Pelado(masculine), Pelar(action).

You can also PELAR potatoes, cucumbers, apples, etc.
1- dude, that fucking test was very pelada.
2- she likes to pelar my verga.
3- you should go to the kitchen and pelar some potatoes for dinner.
by KatChamber August 19, 2007

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