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Individual with a fetish for machines. Typically desiring some form of sexual congress with machines. Either very specific machines or very wide ranging in tastes.

Schlessinger published his story-showing his wide range of tastes.

The commonest is a love of vehicles-cars, motorbikes, trucks in particular. Boats and other variations can be found appealing too.

Other mechaphiles go for working engines, power tools and similiar.

A wide variety of sexual techniques can be employed. One mechaphile (me) has a manual on how to make love to a car or other vehicle, for example. There are also groups on yahoo for the same fetishes.

autophile is referred to, however is incorrect.
Myself as the author-I'm a vehicle mechaphile, specifically cars, bikes, boats, trucks. I've a number of sites and featured in the Sun, March 2007.
by Karnautrahl November 08, 2007
Technically speaking it's not a man who has sex with cars. As I'm one such I know my subject. An autophile is in love with him or herself sexually. So I'm stuffed for a good word to use (apart from the often heard, insane, crazy, etc). The only alternative I've heard is automobiliphilia. Quite a mouthful, more than the gearknob of a Jaguar XJ8 so probably won't be popular. There probably should be two words. One for a person who loves his car on every level and has it as a substitute totally for a human partner and one for a man who simply fucks it.
Since I'm simply adding a correction to a word, not sure what a relevent example would be. Apart from mentioning that I myself am an avid automobilophile, not autophile (not the only thing in my life mind!).
by karnautrahl October 29, 2006

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