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2 definitions by karmaeve

the feeling of amazement when somebody does something that you wouldn't expect them to from their appearance.
For example if a skator boy went and sang opera really high.

Don't judge a book but its cover
Omg she was so neat and nerdy and then she danced like that- didn't see that coming- what a susan boyle moment
by karmaeve May 09, 2009
A geek is not a nerd.
A geek is obsessive over anything and everything: television shows (including Star Wars, Harry Potter and Doctor Who) it can be from comics, the internet and often consoles, pc games or related topics.

The geek will know everything about the given subject but despite this will have few problems socially.

However, in brief, a nerd applies to somebody who is a computer genius or enjoys maths,science or ICT to a large extent
Wow, John is such a geek all he ever talks about is Doctor Who!

I am such a nintendo geek- i have soo many of their games

Jill is not a geek- she's a nerd- she spends all her time on her computer
by karmaeve May 05, 2009