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a burp, after drinking milk. can sound wet, gross, whatever.
-on the telephone-

girl one: so the party this weekend was--
girl two: BUURRRPPPP!
girl one: ...was that a milk burp?
by karly;; April 28, 2008
A stain on your shirt; commonly found after eating. makes you look like you eat like a pig.
girl: don't look at my shirt, I spilled soup on it at lunch.

guy: ohhh! you got a fat boy stain!!

girl: ahahahhahahahahahaa...no.
by karly;; May 28, 2008
someone who is acting skank-like; flirting -- a lot. sometimes with only one person, when there are plenty of others around.
sara: bob was hitting on every girl today at the pool!

beth: totally. what an elephant..
by karly;; April 27, 2008

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