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Actually spelled "fagioli"

1. Italian for bean.
2. Term used for money or a bill.
1. Hey Ma, you gonna make your famous pasta fagioli?
2. I dropped 100 fazools at the craps table!
by karaNY February 20, 2006
Or "Madonna mi" (mah-DOHN-nah-mi) - Common expression among Italians really "Madonna" which of course refers to the mother of Christ. At one time it was blasphemous, but is now mostly used to express surprise or bewilderment. Like "holy shit", "good lord", or "holy cow"

50 Gs? Madonna mi that's a lot of money!

Madonn' that broad is fucken ugly!
by karaNY February 20, 2006
A small community of burn-outs, Woodstock left-overs, NYC minority imports, wannabe artists, and openly flaming gays that if you were raised here and did not leave after high school graduation you're a complete loser.
You dropped out of UCCC, got into drugs, work at a deli, date other losers who couldn't seem to get out of town, and live with your parents still? Ohhhhh you must have been raised in New Paltz!
by karaNY February 20, 2006

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