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4 definitions by kapapko

when you are a behind a black person who "lacks liveliness" or as some like to say... takes their sweet-ass time.

people who have no consideration for those surrounding them
Da'jon- i'm feeling a little blackadaisical now after my bucket at KFC. i dont think im going back to work now.

Ja'mall- yea it aint a shit! i had one of those days last week!
by kapapko April 09, 2010
6 1
being so involved in ones drunken state that one forgets that time is actually passing
maura: okay... mike told me that he was only staying out until two am... its now four am.. should i start looking behind dumpsters for him?

jennifer: um no...im sure hes just on drunk-time... he will come back eventually.
by kapapko February 17, 2010
2 0
the art of being so involved in the wonders of a casino that time is just a word, has no relation to your world, and completely doesn't exist ....hours seem like minutes
jennifer: hey, have you seen chrissy?? she was supposed to be here 35 minutes ago.

tammy: well, she's on casino-time...so dont expect her for another four hours
by kapapko February 17, 2010
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a. to fuck

comes from the derivative of "to pap"

others include: papping (fucking), and pap (fuck)

by kapapko February 17, 2010
10 26