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(Waita Uziga) An artist of what can be classified only as slaughter hentai, quite possibly the sickest mind to grace existance since H.R. Gieger (head artist for the Aliens and Species movie series).
For the wellbeing of society, all matters concerning Uziga's work should be burned, and the ashes passed through an atom smasher.
by Kaji March 14, 2004
The Chosen Beer: A hilarious and delicious novelty beer owned by Shmaltz Brewing Co. with two sub-brews: Genesis Ale and Messiah Bold
Kick your ass and knock back some He'Brews in front of the Tube.
by Kaji February 28, 2004
The proper name of the band that Jimi Hendrix headed.
(self explanitory)
by kaji February 29, 2004
Used as a suffix attached to a noun to describe exceptional luck or skillz in a particular area.
Dude, I so CAN drive! I'm a damn car ninja!
by Kaji February 28, 2004
Everyone seems to think I had one. Eventhough I repeatedly explain my non-wafro'edness. People are just stupid.
Some douchebag at school: Hey! nice wafro! Me: Wafros don't hang to the side or have parts, dumbshit.
by Kaji February 27, 2004
kaji is known as potatoe_skins
uuuh that was just telling you guys soomething! lol
by kaji March 25, 2003
A phrase that makes fun of the so-called gangstaphrases "fo` sho`" or "fo` reals."
semi-knowlageble non-rapper: Dude, are you for serious?
by Kaji February 27, 2004

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