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1. the act of falling hard for someone even though it isn't love yet
2. a precursor to love
3. an amazing thing that gives you feelings of nerves and excitement whenever you see them
1. i am so crushing on that new guy in my french class.
2. before we went out, i had a crush on him for almost a year!
3. i can't concentrate in that class. my crush is too powerful.
by kaekae February 16, 2005
a friend is someone who should always be there for you, care about you, make you laugh, and knows how to make you feel better when your down.

when a friendship ends or you grow apart from a friend, it can hurt almost more than anything. like a non romantic "break up". it sucks.
1. you are my best friend...
by kaekae May 16, 2005
That feeling when you're buzzed from too much caffeine but it's not helping; you're still tired as hell.
Dude, I'm so wired-tired, running on 2 hours of sleep and 3 Monsters is just making me a jittery sleepy person...
by KaeKae January 03, 2014
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