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A huge bitch. This person/persons normally thinks they are pretty badass, and has a huge ego. They will make fun of people in a heartbeat and disrespect anyone/anything they come across, but most people arent fooled by their badassery, seeing through the facade, they are just a big ol' bitch.
WOW! That guy is SUCH a peasley!
#bitch #peasley #badass #peasle #peazle
by kOi GargleBarky August 12, 2009
A nigger laugh. Sounds like "kekeke". its the combination of snickering and nigger.
That was a horrible joke! But for some reason all the niggers started sniggering.
#snicker #nigger #laugh #snigering #kekeke
by kOi GargleBarky August 11, 2009
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