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The most gansta member of the gang that is named after the coolest gangsta of all time, Amanada. A strawhacker is commonly know as a "strawhacka" and is the highest rank in Amanda's gang of Asian gurus in the field of gansta'rism. Just under the strawhacker, the second-most powerful position in an Amanda clan is the weedwhacker, or the "weedwacka". From generations to generations, the "strawhacka" has often been a prominent gangsta named Amanda. This goes back to when the Amanda clan wuz geetin down wit da Anglo Rappers, Wyrd!
Lo, Lo, Lo, I'm a strawhacka and I be getting my strawhackin on. Fo realz, homie G. Dis is the definition of "strawhacka", da one and on"Le". Fo shizzle.
by kNockdawg October 27, 2004
The wyrd dat me and my dawg
anam(izzle) be comin up wit so dat we be makin it gangsta up in dis herr joint. Can you digg dat, playa playa?
Yo, I wuz hittin my books da other night cuz i'm an asian gangsta and all. And my hizzdawg Anam(izzle) wuz like, Lo Lo Lo, i be gettin it won with da anglo rappers, wryd; fo realz and fer dizzle shizzle.
by kNockdawg October 26, 2004

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