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The name is Arabic meaning: servant of the most gracious. True to one of the roots of the name “Rahman” you will find that those with the name of Abdulrahman are extremely gracious. They are kind, courteous, benevolent, and generous people. Being compassionate, and caring, is in the forefront of the mind of an Abdulrahman. Anyone who comes in contact with an Abdulrahman will find themselves to be content and comfortable. An Abdulrahman will go to great lengths to ensure his family and friends are cared for. An Abdulrahman is a very unselfish person in life, and in the bedroom, wanting to ensure his spouse is happy and satisfied. Although very witty and funny, an Abdulrahman does not feel the need to be the life of the party. He enjoys meeting new people but those most special to him will always be his family. To win the heart of an Abdulrahman you must be an intellectual person; as he admires the will to learn and appreciates those who gain insight from history.
I met an extremely kind man named Abdulrahman.

That is so Abdulrahman of you.
by k8ek8 February 12, 2010

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