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Registered trademark

Or a cool way to spice up the letter R with an alt-code.
Man that is ®aw!
by k0nflict June 05, 2009
The impulsive desire to chomp on some low grade beef.. whilst showing no regard from where it came or what it actually is.
Mannn i'm drunk as hell and yo quiero taco hell
by k0nflict June 04, 2009
An informal or personal addition at the end of a letter or note written to a friend, acquaintance, or enemy.

Could also apply to a notation added to the end of scripting or coding in terms of a computer language or semantics.

Common known acronym is P.S.
(contents of note blah blah blah)
(name here)

P.S. (post script) I had a great time at dinner last night!
by k0nflict June 08, 2009
The ooey-gui is your personal physical graphical interface where as your senses are the process.

Much like the graphical user interface of a computer you interact with the world around you, in a physical sense, by your ooey-gui.
LOL did you see how poindexters ooey-gui just crashed?

Wtf are you talkin' about!?

He just puked on that chick and passed out!
by k0nflict June 04, 2009
A person who is known to be especially goofy.

Little to no athletic ability, agility or coordination.

Completely unsmooth.
I can't believe that gumpenstump is tryin' out for the team!
by k0nflict June 04, 2009
A sounding device used by the USAF and USN to bounce communication off of the atmosphere and intercept your ooey-gui
How did you know Britni was humping Deshawn? Oh.. I used the digisonde.
by k0nflict June 04, 2009
A clever and ingenuitive person with a great sense of humor.
Hey who created urban dictionary?

Duh.. it was a apeckham
by k0nflict June 04, 2009

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