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Time Of Month - a code word for a girl's period, disgused as a person's name (much like "Aunt Flo" or "Aunt Flow").
Jane: Do you guys want to go swimming after this?
Mary: Urg, not really. Tom's visiting this week.
by k.ann.h April 12, 2006
See also assassin.

An organized game played mostly on college campuses in North America. It is usually run by and for students living in a particular dorm or group of dorms near one another. The game may last from a few days to a few weeks, and it ends either on a predetermined date or when only one participant is still "alive." (The person or people still alive at the end are the winners.)

Kills are made in different ways depending on the rules laid out at an initial meeting. For example, a bop with an empty soda bottle, a squirt from a squirt gun, or even a hug may be used to represent a kill. Often, each participant is assigned a particular person that they have to "assassinate" in each stage of the game as long as they remain alive. Lists of still-living participants are often posted daily in a dorm lobby or on an RA's door.

Assassins generally doesn't have any sort of safe bases or time-of-day restrictions on kills, so participants can be tricked or trapped into a "deadly" situation at any time or place, from a mid day English class to a drunken 3 am bathroom trip. It can cause some paranoia, but is generally regarded as an interesting way to spice up dorm life, meet new people, and get involved in some ridiculous scenarios.
"Does anyone know what Monica Smith looks like? I have to kill her for Assassins."
by k.ann.h April 26, 2006
To perform oral sex on a girl, particularly if it is forceful or if she appears lost in ecstacy at the time. The goal is to overwhelm her with pleasure/orgasm.
At the party, I heard a sound from the gazebo so I went down to check it out, and I saw Brendan in there ravishing Lakisha on the table.
by k.ann.h November 15, 2004
1. Performing great oral sex on a girl- see ravish.

2. Stunningly beautiful, sexually attractive.
1. At the party, I heard a sound from the gazebo so I went down to check it out, and I saw Brendan in there ravishing Lakisha on the table.

2. Wow, you look ravishing in that slinky little dress.
by k.ann.h November 15, 2004
A slightly friendlier way to refer to tummy fat or the spare tire.

By using the relatively innocent term "chub" (shortened from "chubby") instead of the more loaded "fat" or the unflattering "bulge," the phrase dodges some of the stigmas that have arisen from increasing obesity and our appearance-obsessed culture.
"That bikini looked great on the hanger, but when I put it on all of my belly chub was hanging out so I bought a tank suit instead."

- "Why are you on a diet? You're not fat."
- "Yeah, but I want to get rid of this belly chub."
by k.ann.h June 01, 2006
A nickname that refers to sluttiness, but is actually used as a pet name by college girls to refer to one another. It probably started out as a joke, then became a tongue in cheek term of endearment.
Christine: "Hey Emily, what's up?"
Emily: "Hey hoebaby! You going out tonight?"
by k.ann.h May 01, 2006

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