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5 definitions by k-UNIT

Taking something very simple (i.e. a cup sitting on a table), and making it very complicated (i.e. the Archimedes force equation) by attaching numbers to individual concepts and then deriving more numbers from those. All in all, a very arbitrary system.
The universe used to be a pretty simple place up until THEY decided to assign numbers to everything, thus creating physics and making those things much more complicated than they ought to be.
by K-UNIT October 01, 2005
472 429
A synonym of holla and also a homonym used to shout out at random times in the beginning or end of everything you say.
Leaving a message for a friend: Ayo I just got to this whizzzle whack ass party but they got madd booze so as soon as you get this squalla back. Squalla, synonym for holla. Yea yea. comidosoden.
by k-UNIT July 27, 2003
15 7
Acronym for "employee of the month".
Bob just received the EOTM award for his excellent work on the TPS reports.
by K-UNIT September 05, 2005
7 3
Can be used after almost any object, person, letter, or sentence to make it fun and hip.
1) Yo e-UNIT its K-unit get me some starbizzlebucks coffee
2) Squalla back and blow up my cell unit
3) I am away from my computer right now....unit.
by k-UNIT July 27, 2003
12 18
The embodyment of everything retarded in the world.
Can be substituted for the words "stupid," "retarded," "idiot," "moron," "racist," "fascist," and "goat-fucker."
That guy who fucks goats is such a George Bush.
by K-UNIT October 02, 2005
124 205