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A tardo is the evolution of a retard. when a retard gains the ability to function among normal people but is still considered retarded because of his or her awkwardness. Tardos are prone to crapping their pants in public and will most likely try to attack you if you make too much eye contact. The best way to deal with tardos is to keep away.
Steve: Holy Crap!!! did you see that new kid. I was checkin her out and then she just friggin jumped out of her chair and tried to attack me. What a tardo.

Jorge: You know what steve? I think she just crapped her pants.
by k rico October 19, 2005
1)Chosen location or place to store/hide one's pornography.
2)Small carrying case or knapsack to store burned porn Dvds and cds.
3)Found/stolen stash of pornography hidden by a youngster for later use.

See smut for further elaboration on pornography
Julio: Hey man, you selling your P-pod?
Douglas J: Hells fucknaw...I got da shizniz in dis biz boi!!!
by k rico October 19, 2005
whiteboyz is what you put on when you have to sound white for something important. Like a job interview.
Black Man Kane: Yo, hold on one minute man, lemme put on my WHITEBOYZ before I go to this job interview.

Douggie J: Alright then, make sure you tie them on extra tight. Your broke ass needs this job.
by K Rico March 16, 2006
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