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Phrase most commonly used in Memphis, TN. Used before and after a sentence to emphasize a point. Examples are readily portrayed in the Oscar nominated move Hustle and Flow. Easiest way to tell if someone is from Memphis. They cant help saying Mane before a sentence. Sometimes used in the Bay area as well but with a more southern slang. Were independly created.
Mane, Im tellin ya mane, its hard out here mane.
Mane I know you aint gone let him do ya like that mane.
by jwhite June 19, 2007
The foundation of "Buckin" also known as "jookin" or "getting buck". Originally started on the streets of Memphis,Tennesse, by G-Nerd and Raider J sometime in the late 1980's early 90's. Originally performed from a style of music that had a continous Hi-hat symbol sound.Can be heard from artist like 3-6 mafia and 8ball and MJG. Had many differnt forms that evolved into a smooth gliding dance expression that told a story now called buckin.
That new gansta walk is hard.
They was gangsta walkin hard at the club last night.
by jwhite June 19, 2007
A Tonkey is a poodle who takes a bath in chocolate pudding for 45 minutes each day while watching SpongeBob.
I am giving my poodle a Tonkey.
by Jwhite December 16, 2013
The most boring, redneck, white, racist city on earth.
Nothing As Shitty Vile Ignorant Lowclass Losers Everseen, you have ever been to. Also known as Trashville. Absolutely nothing fun to do except drive to Memphis or Atlanta and have a good time, or listen to rednecks all night in a bar talking about how much they hate those coons.
Nashville is nothing compared to Memphis.
Nashville sucks compared to Atlanta.
Chattanooga may actually be better than Nashville
Nashville has a nice skyline but it still sucks.
Nashville has way to many rednecks and country singers
by jwhite June 19, 2007
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