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When a disaster, fiasco, catastrophe, or calamity occurs at the hands of a douchebag or douchenozzle, or a pack of douchbags/nozzles.
The whole douchebacle began when that douchnozzle started spreading lies about the rest of us.
by jwalker720 August 24, 2010
Along the lines of "playing dead", but the dude version. This is a tactic men (or even women) use when their girl(boy)friends or wives(husbands) are talking and they want to pretend not to hear what they are saying so that they don't have to address or acknowledge their wants and/or needs.
I think your boyfriend hears you when you complain about all the gas you waste driving to and from his house every day. I think he knows you want to move in with him, he's just playing dude.
by jwalker720 November 09, 2010
A party organized with the intent of drinking mass quantities of sangria and becoming sangribriated.
Let's have a sangribriation next Saturday! Martha, you bring 6 gallons of white sangria; Joanne, you bring 6 gallons of red. Note: A proper sangribriation cannot occur using pre-made bottled "sangrias" found at the store.
by jwalker720 August 24, 2010
A cross between angry and horrified.
I was angrified as I watched Bush get re-elected in 2004. I lost all hope in the American people for re-electing such a douchenozzle.
by jwalker720 August 24, 2010

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