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A place where you can find almost anything (whether inedible or not) to bid on. Human body parts have been sold at over 500 dollars. Bought by tin.
On E-bay, tin bought an extra arm and Jamaica.
by jvchen7 January 28, 2003
This is the name for some guy named tin.
If you want to talk to tin, call for EternalDragnz
by jvchen7 January 29, 2003
It is how swear word are replace with a letter to change it's "reputation".
You focker! Shiot! Bastardo!
Look biotch! i'M USING swear-wordeo-ology!
by jvchen7 February 17, 2003
Stands for Jevons
Jevons likes to be called jv because people do not know how to pronounce his name.
by jvchen7 January 28, 2003
A subject that is easily understood by people who have learned how to work their brain and how one plus one really equals two. Should you really suck at math, you need to find a functioning brain at E-bay. Inverse of math expert, tin.
Since I know how one plus one equals two, I should know how math works.
by jvchen7 January 28, 2003
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