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a.)n. one of the most talented performers/vocalists to hit the scene
b.)n. a true artist;captivating beauty
c.)n. impressionable performing artists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.
d.)n. a female with a svelte frame and alluring aura
e.)a. fly; hip; cool
f.) a. bootylicious
"Girl, what do you have on? You look like a complete mess."

"You must be catching a glimpse of your reflection or something, because right now i look beyonce."
by justme April 08, 2005
St. Clair Thugs

Bone Thugs n Harmony used to use this in a lot of their songs. They lived in Cleveland, East 99th street and St. Clair Avenue, thus St. Clair Thugs.
Fuckin' around with the SCT's will get your weed split.
by justme January 12, 2005
"AZN" is just short spelling version of ASIAN. If we spell that words like that, doesn't really mean that we're acting GHETTO, as other people says.
When we spell 'that' to 'dat', or 'the' to 'da' doesn't always mean that we, ASIANS are stupid. We spell it like that because that's the way we want to spell it, not just how others' do. And some 'white' people here critizise us of how some ASIANS act like the Black race. The question is, do they see their own race (white people) when they act black? They wear them big-a$$ chains and act like an idiot, who looks like he/she doesn't really know what's going on around him/her, and acts like, they're better than the rest! Change of subject, others here talks about how ASIAN people likes to drive Hondas', Acuras', etc. Other races of people drive them cars too. So, how come we, ASIANS get all the crap about it? Just because the cars are actually made and came from Asia, does other people automatically have license to talk sh*t about the ASIAN race?
by JUstMe August 26, 2003
Danity Kane is an American hippop (an unbelievably catchy blend of hop hip and/or pop) group created by rapper, impresario, infamous philanderer, business tycoon, and compulsive name-changer, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. Weshouldnotbe allowedtonameourselves is a spawn of hit reality show Making the Band and sees an assorted outfit of five ladies, who have recently released the second single from their number one selling and number one underpromoted debut album Danity Kane: and We’ve Earned the Right to Record Because Diddy’s Made Us Cry on National TV.

The quintet’s second single “Ride For You” is a mid-tempo ballad which features three of the five members each with their own solo verse: the first belongs to Aundrea Fimbres, the second to Dawn Richard, and the third to Wanita (D. Woods) Woodgett. The names of the remaining two are irrelevant as they apparently contribute little/or are permitted to contribute little, either way it’s minimal, to the group. The most memorable of the verses include “I was kicked off my part and squeezed onto the bridge, but I sang half of the cd as we recorded it, they say we have no lead singers” and “Diddy is a howmanyburgersistoomanyologist and the diagnosis is that I’m just one away, I can’t eat another ‘ger if I want to stay, why don’t you just straight out call me fat”. Initially stations were reluctant to play the record, but it is steadily gaining radio adds and spins as djs realize its high relatability, similar to the slow building popularity of their first thought-provoking and not in the least bit materialistic single “show stopper”.

Auditions for a fourth cycle of making the band are currently underway, and the show is set to air spring of this year. Banners promoting the new season can be found cluttered on Danity Kane’s Myspace page. Oddly enough the banners are above promotion for Danity Kane’s own album. Also remarkable is Danity Kane’s friend list. Apparently whatabad name members do not love themselves as much as they love Diddy and rank subordinate to him on their own friend list.

Danity Kane will be embarking on a new journey, as they are scheduled to head the concert for Christina Aguilera’s 8-week tour along side fellow girl group Pussy Cat Dolls. Teenyboppers everywhere proclaimed the day Extreme Rapture Day on hearing the news that both groups would be included as opening acts for the gratuitously sexual singer Sex-Tina.

Ournameiswack andlame agreed to do the tour in hopes to gain more exposure, esp. considering that promotion for their album was at a stand still.

Danity Kane (2006-?????)
Danity Kane is the freshest thing to hit the scene since William Hung.
by justme February 01, 2007
yea lars does suck....all he has is speed...and how are we forgetting john bonham and keith moon?
lars is gay...go bonham and moon
by justme March 03, 2005
one crazy mother fuckin town...i'm not a jew!! actually i like to make fun of their religion (and so do the rest of the christian population) all in all it isnt a bad place to live...i go to west and east can suck wang, cock, balls and the such
i live in cherry hill and east side kids can suck wang, cock, balls and the such.
by justme March 05, 2005
For an animal to place the head of a smaller animal in its mouth to carry it around. Lions will often glomp the cub of another male and swing them about until the neck breaks.
A dog can glomp a puppy to carry it home. The sound that is made while the dog engulfs the head of the puppy is glomp.
by Justme July 13, 2003

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