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Someone who follows another from thread to thread...usually with the intent to harm them by defaming their character, putting them down, continuing an on-going argument from a previous thread of several years past...etc.
hey, remember me...remember that time you said I didn't know what I was talking about? Yeah, you...you started it you Threadstalker ....you dissed me last month....so I am going to follow you and make your life miserable tell the end of your days. Or at least as long as it takes you to get a different on-line user name...And then I'll still recognize your sorry ass...and hound it.....
by justbegintowrite December 29, 2008
A threadwhore is someone who comes on your blog site and takes over the conversation. A threadwhore posts a link to their own blog to try to steal your readers....A threadwhore will even flirt with your most loved fans in an attempt to have an on-line affair with them.
"Hey, Baby, I just posted a new blog...why don't you come on over and read what I have to say?" :o

"Oh, and btw, I wrote the blog with you in mind..ya big hunk.....

Okay, threadwhore, get off my thread and on to someone elses.....
by justbegintowrite December 30, 2008
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