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A pet name for the name "Limya." Limya is a cool, funny, creative and artistic Arabic girl; and sometimes a crazy Ninja! She is also very entertaining to her family and friends!
What's up LimmyLim?!
by JustaPerson November 18, 2012
Plant of a beautiful bloom. Extremely rare.
Native to Japan.
Blooms exactly on August 6th at 3:57pm.
Priceless flower.
"Botonist have searched for the rare Emanto Akoyo flower for 100 years and all unsuccessful"
by Justaperson March 30, 2008
1. A sound someone makes when their ideas are rejected.
2. The sound of being indecisive or irritated at self and/or others.
Gargle flargle! Why won't you just let me do what I want?!
by justaperson May 05, 2014

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