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A device that you wear over your eyes, to only see Hillary in a negative way. Even if what you are seeing/reading isn't true, it still shows Hillary to be:

a. Socialist/Communist

b. Not emotional enough

c. Too emotional

d. Not an agent of change, because being a women is nothing new to the Presidency.

e. Somehow not ready to be President because her husband played around on her, even though 50 percent of all marriages have some sort of infidelity going on.

f. A bitch. Even though Bitches get things done.
I was trying to take an accurate look at Hillary's positions, but my Hillary-Hating Goggles didn't allow that.
by just plain greatness March 02, 2008
Meaning a person who thinks she's a Vanderbosch, but not really.
Anne thought she was Vanderbosch smart, but she really was McCandless smart, which is o.k., if you're from the North-East.
by just plain greatness February 27, 2008
A Drink:

Gin and Tonic, with a a couple Lemon slices(squeezed) and about 3 to 4 raspberries(squeezed or not) added as well.
WOW, I do love Gin and Tonics, but the Vbosch is much better, and yes, its ok to drink it if you are straight.
by just plain greatness July 11, 2008

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