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denotes cheesiness when describing someone or something that's name completes the phrase.
macaroni and bryan adams.
by jupitermudd August 12, 2010
When both partners climax at the same time.
The sex was so good, we came at the same time; it was a FairyTale Ending.
by jupitermudd December 18, 2010
Sending a completely random text.
I think Lisa is suffering from Textrette's. She just sent me a text saying, "MEN'S ASSES!!!"
by jupitermudd December 18, 2010
to give it (sex) up to a guy.
he better stop playin or i ain't never gonna chitty chitty he bang bang
by jupitermudd October 05, 2010
an analogy of the sarcastic variety used to compare things that you obviously like because there's nobody who dislikes pizza.
i hate sex like i hate pizza.
by jupitermudd August 13, 2010

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