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4 definitions by juniper

Bad 80's sitcom where this family has a robot maid named Vicki who looks like a ten year old year girl and talks in a really annoying monotone "robotic" voice.
See budge(Definition #2)
Small Wonder sucks worse than Mr. Belvedere.
by juniper July 07, 2005
22 10
A variation of the phrase "Like stink to shit". Doesn't really matter what order it's in, because wherever there's a stink, you can count on some shit being near by.
-Hey holmes, wanna go get BK'ed?
-Ya man, I'm on it like shit to stink.
by juniper July 07, 2005
9 5
What happens when you partake too liberally at Whopper Wednesdays.
OMG, I gorged myself on like, five Whoppers two large fries and an order of mozzarella sticks. Oh man, I can hardly move...I'm totally BK'ed.
by juniper July 07, 2005
7 3
A hairstyle: when referred to in this manner it is usually really big and cheesy-looking.
See loafy
Remember Richard Marx? He had the worst dome-loaf ever.
by juniper July 05, 2005
4 0