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A beautiful girl, usually one who enjoys laughing and sunflowers.
Wow, that girl is a Jully
by Jully January 18, 2004
A sex girl how I would love to go out with some day. She is the most beautiful girl in the world, she is so smart, beautiful, and has the best personality ever. I love Rose Wall so badly and she doesn't no who I am.
Rose is like a flower in a field of weeds. Means she is the only one I love.
by Jully January 06, 2005
Mika uses this term in his song "Lollipop" on the album Life in Cartoon Motion. I don't know what it means exactly, but i imagine it has a bad connotation.
"I went walking with my momma one day
When she warned me what people say
Live your life until love is found
'Cos loves gonna get you down.
Take a look at the girl next door
She's a player and a downright bore
She's a slowzer, she wants more
Oh,bad girls get you down."
by Jully April 11, 2007
A teenager from Northfuild, Vermont who is a hotty and is the coolest person in the world. He is someone smart with brown eyes, black hair, and skinny; though he is the pimp of all time. (He also has a vary big dick)
He will never be able to be like Damon
by Jully January 06, 2005

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